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Mushroom Soup and its Benefits

Mushrooms - valuable foodstuff. Mushrooms surpass many vegetables and fruit in nutritiousness, and on a chemical compound and a number of signs they come nearer to products of an animal origin. The broth from dry porcini surpasses in caloric some meat broths.

There is a set of edible mushrooms regularly grown up and collected all over the world. Mushrooms possess specific taste and a smell, some of them are delicacies and have the high price. Many mushrooms are useful and nutritious, sometimes them name "wood-" or "vegetative meat". Mushrooms are rich with fiber (also contain nearby 1 % of free amino acids), carbohydrates - specific mushroom sugar mycosis and glycogen (so-called "animal starch"). Mushrooms contain mineral substances: potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, magnesium, sodium, calcium, chlorine, and vitamins A (carotin), group vitamins B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin PP in considerable quantities.

Mushroom Soups are useful because useful components of mushrooms get to soup and at the use in food in the hot kind, useful substances are acquired much better. Their carbohydrate part is pretty unusual. If at other plants cellular covers consist mainly from fiber and semi fiber, in mushrooms except fiber contains chitin and chitinous substances, which do not give in to action of digestive enzymes.

It appears that people throughout hundreds years cooked Mushroom Soup, making thus a serious mistake. At long cooking all extractives substances which have passed from mushrooms to soup partially decays, and the part of flying substances in general is lost.

Researches have shown that the mushroom Soup possesses the best flavouring qualities and higher nutritiousness if to cook it differently: wash mushrooms, presoak during 3 hours in a half quantity of water, infusion to merge, and mushrooms to fill in with cold water again. Bring to a boil and cook during 90 minutes; in the end of cooking to add the infusion received at soaking of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are recommended to be considered not only as flavouring seasoning, but also as a nutritious product. Really, the maintenance of fibers in fresh ceps averages 3,2 %, in aspen mushrooms - 3,3 %, and in dried - accordingly 27,6 and 32,5 %. However, fibers of ceps, aspen mushrooms and birch mushrooms sharply scarce. Despite this, cooking Mushrooms Soup is highly recommended.

Mushroom Soup is not only useful and has many positive qualities; most importantly it is very tasty and will satisfy the whole family. Children will also enjoy it. Eat soups, enjoy and experiment with ingredients. Soup - a great dish for every day.

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