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Ten Most Delicious Soups in the World

Traveling the globe in search of new experiences, we always pay much attention to the local ethnic cuisine. With pleasure we eat lobsters with a glass of palm rum, not disdaining blue mold cheeses and oysters with wine, and even hot dogs with a local beer will help you get acquainted with the traditions of the locals. However soups are traditionally, and quite unfairly, neglected. Today we tell about the ten most delicious soups around the world.


Beef noodle soup is not eaten for breakfast? Once you tasted a well-prepared Vietnamese soup Pho, you will want to eat it three times a day! This soup became, the national dish, but has appeared in the early twentieth century. French colonialists introduced local chefs with beef. Vietnamese chefs cooked the meat to their taste: added chili, fish sauce, rice noodles and various spices. It happened in the north, but the dish has spread rapidly across the country, although the most delicious Pho is still cooked in Hanoi. Every morning, dozens of outdoor restaurants cut pounds of beef, boil the broth, then fill the bowl to passersby of the Asian ambrosia.

Locro de Papas

The evening air in the Ecuadorian highland villages can be very cold, and the best way to warm up - eat a bowl of hot potato soup Lockro de Papas. For the first time the Europeans (and it was the Spanish conquistadors) tried it in 1560's, and since then its popularity has not diminished at all. In this soup always added garlic and hot pepper, and then surprises begins: it might be cheese, avocado, beef or meat of guinea pig. However, after a difficult climb to the slopes of volcanoes you madly enjoy any of these dishes!


Perhaps nowhere in the world do not grow as many beets as the Ukraine, and therefore it is not surprising that in this region appeared an amazing purple soup of this useful vegetable. And in any field from Lviv to Kiev and Odessa mistresses have kept many of their own unique recipes. This soup is so delicious that its liked and often cooked in Russia, Poland, and Lithuania, it even includes a menu of some airlines! But the most delicious soup, of course, in the Ukraine and it must be eaten with garlic rolls.

Obe Ata

Locals call this soup "Lift me up". It's real medicine that can bring back to life those who suffer from meteo sensitivity. However, outsiders who try to Obe Ata for the first time, most call it "hell in a bucket" - not because of bad taste, but because the main component of Nigeria's national soup is pepper. Other components may be the dried fish and goat's head. If you managed to eat at least half of the soup bowl, you will feel a true taste of West Africa!


The famous Flemish fish soup first appeared in Ghent. Unfortunately, in recent times, even in the homeland its began to cook with chicken, but traditionally it cooking from fish caught in urban channels. But since they became pretty dirty, local chefs embarked on experiments. However, you still have a chance to try Waterzooi in its original form with the pike, carp and perch, if you walk through the narrow medieval streets of the quarter Patershol. There are preparing the most delicious soup in Belgium, adding a vegetables, egg yolks and cream.

Cullen Skink

Ingredients of this soup very simple - aromatic, split, salted and smoked Picchu, the best local potatoes, onions and cream - this way fishermen from pretty Scottish village Cullen cooked first Cullen skink. Fish is cooking in milk, then adding the potatoes and other components. And you can add a lot of potatoes , because for the locals, this soup can sometimes replace a whole meal.


The state itself is similar to perfectly cooked soup: there are mixed African, Indian, Spanish, French, Chinese and native influences - all this seasoned by fine Caribbean rum and cooked over low heat under the hot Caribbean sun. But, despite this difference in the origin of the locals, they are all happy to eat Callaloo soup, made from pureed okra with coconut, and parts of the crab.

Clam Chowder

This soup can be tasted throughout the U.S., sometimes it is served in bread. But beware of imitations! In 1930 nearly took a special law, prohibiting spoil the original recipe for the soup of clams with different newfangled additions, such as tomatoes, which have tried to add the barbarians of Manhattan. A real Clam Chowder of New England (called "Boston") is brewed with milk or cream, potatoes, onions, clams and ham.


Like all typical Spanish, the Gaspacho soup is a native of Andalusia. Once upon a time, poor laborers gathered the available products and invented this simple and cheap soup recipe. Tomatoes, stale, dry crust of bread, garlic, vinegar and olive oil - these ingredients became unpretentious dish, that fell on the tables of kings. Also, this cold soup will be very useful, when your appetite is killed by Andalusian summer heat.


Ajiaco - is a a super-nutritious soup. This soup is traditionally prepared from three different types of potato - tubers of yellow "criollas", waxy red "sabaneras", white "pastusa" and flavored with herbs. A little later the Spaniards added the chicken and cream - soup became more tasty and nutritious.

There are a great multitude of delicious soups with the original recipes in each country, and this ranking is subjective. The main thing, in a foreign country do not neglect the first meal and you can make your own ranking of most delicious soups in the world.

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